Monday, August 16, 2010

back to blogging.

Hi everyone!

Its been for ever since I've blogged because I've been so busy. Mom says that for part of my school I have to be blogging. here is a schedule.

Monday blogging: Weekend review upcoming weeks events.

Tuesday blogging. Animals update day. Talking about all the animals and lots of cute pictures.

Wednesday blogging: Wordless Wednesday

Thursday blogging: Freaky Thursday. What ever is happening that day.

Friday blogging. What ever is happening that day.

I'm just trying something new. This probably won't work but I am tying.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New calf.

Our milk cow had a new calf. Its a girl. Here is a picture of it. Her name is Sharpe.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

4-h speech results

I did great last night at the 4-h speech contest. I did a speech and a PSA. I won both of them and I got purples. My speech was about a 4-h sheep project. I love giving speeches every year. I am sorry that I haven't blogged in a long time. Here is a picture of my sheep.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Whats been happening in the last week.

Well, so much for blogging everyday...

It has been a week since I have blogged! We are always busy at the Mess Around Ranch. In this post I am going to cover the two major things that has happened this past week.

If you read my post a few weeks ago on how well my lambing year went, it just got better. Last week I woke up and found a new lamb on the ground. I was so amazed! It was a little lamb. The smallest one out there. That's how I knew it was new. The mother of this lamb I did not think was going to lamb. She was a very small ewe to be having a lamb. But she did. So I but her into a lambing pen with her lamb, her lamb was a ewe. So then I went inside and marked 1 more ewe on my lambing chart. Everyone was very surprised too. Nobody though she was going to lamb.

The other thing... There is no other thing. I was going to talk about the farm house but then I remembered that I already told you all about it in my other post. Dad may have found somebody who will want to rent it from him. But we are still waiting for the person to move out first. All the animals are doing fine. I am going to shear my sheep next week. I will put lots of new pictures of them then. By the way, here is a picture of my new lamb. Its not a very good picture, its really hard to take a good picture of a animal when they are moving.

This was a really short post, but I had to put something out to keep my blog updated. Next week a lot more will be going on. I will put more pictures out soon. I just got a new high speed computer. I am able to download more pictures now. Its time to eat and I'm hungry. Thanks for reading.

Timber Creek Kid.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Weird dream.

I'm going to talk about the really weird dream I had last night.

I was all grown up driving around in my car when suddenly I fell off the road. Then I just kept falling and falling for the rest of my dream. I woke up when I hit the ground. I almost fell out of bed too.

Its funny what one can dream about. Some times I go to bed thinking of elephants and I will dream about hippos. I think that dreams is a way to sort of another place where you can make all your dreams come true. If you are able to control your dreams. ( Most of the time I can not.)You can do anything you want. Dreams can sort of be fun. Depends on what your dreaming about. But what about nightmares? I don't get why sometimes I have a good dream and other times I have a really scary painful dream. Maybe I get nightmares because I worry to much. I try to live fun and fancy free. But if something is scaring me, Like going to bed knowing there's a lost lamb out side, that will give me night mares. I don't really know why I am talking about dreams. But I have to post every day and now is the time to blog when nobody else is awake.

I don't think I told the story of what happened a week ago. It was Good Friday, everybody went to church that night. We got home and everybody was going in the house. But then I heard one of my sheep crying. So I grabbed a flash light and went into the sheep pen to see what was the matter. I counted all the sheep 3 times! I knew that one was missing. So I went in to tell mom and dad. And guess what. Nobody believed me! But dad and Josiah came out side to look just in case. They looked in and out of the sheep pen. And they didn't believe me! Well, dad doesn't know the sheep like I do. So he didn't really know one was missing. He thought it was lying down somewhere safe. So then they said go to bed. I walked up the stairs with tears in my eyes knowing that my lamb was missing and that nobody believes me. I woke up next morning filled with happiness when I went out side. Very fain there was a lamb crying by the goat pen. Me and Josiah ran over there to see what it was. Sure enough, it was the missing lamb. Then dad came over there to see what we were doing. He was very, very amazed. Wow Noah, I guess you were right. You really do know your sheep. Mom was surprised too. So I took it back to the sheep pen hoping that it would find the mother. And it did. I was so glad that my sheep didn't die.

So the next time your kid or best friend needs something. And you really don't believe, you got to. Who knows what will happen if you don't. Seeing is believing. But first you got to believe! I am still feeling a little sick. I am going to go eat something and then do chores. Thanks for reading this post.

The Timber Creek Kid.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Back to Bloging.

Well, I haven't blogged in a long long time. I've just been so busy these past 2 weeks. I just turned 13 on Wednesday so now I'm a teenager. Since I need to blog more often and since I keep forgetting, mom told me that if I don't start blogging again no computer entirely! So I need to start waking up early in the morning to blog before anyone else comes down. There are just to many distractions during the day time.

I was going to wake up this morning, but everybody got sick the night before. We're not really sure what it is we caught but its pretty bad. We were suppose to have company come out today, (Another home school family) but mom is going to call in sick. Please forgive my poor writing. Its so hard to write when everybody is coiffing in the back round.

All the animals are doing great as always. The sheep are staying in and the pigs keep getting out. The Goats are as stubborn as ever. I can't wait for out milk cow Midnight to calf. She gives us the most milk. I can't wait to make cheese and butter again. But right now we do not have the milk. It seems like it has been a while since I posted any pictures out. I don't have any handy at the moment but I promise I will put some out tomorrow. Hopefully I will be feeling better tomorrow.

Last Saturday dad went to look at some land for sale. He took us with him and he bout it. 77 acres of land with a nice house on it. Dad is planning on putting some cows out on it. I don't know what he will do with the house. But since I'm the oldest I get first pics when I move out. Dad said he could let us live on land that he owns. (Until we get out own)

I am so sorry but I am feeling really bad right now. I will post more tomorrow when I am feeling better. I am going to blog everyday or I don't get computer that day. That is the new deal. Tomorrow I will put pictures out of all the animals. I am going to go and do chores. Wish me luck! Sorry this post was sloppy. I'm sure you know what its like to be sick.

Hey. Since I just turned 13 I was able to join Face Book and Twitter. If you want to follow me on twitter my twitter name is TankandHenry. If you want to follow me on Face Book my name is Noah Spagnotti. Please send a message so I can know who you are. I am going to go get some fresh air. Hope that helps!

Timber Creek Kid.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I've had a very successful lambing season.

Hi everyone!
I'm so sorry that I haven't posted anything in a long time. I just haven't had the time to sit down and blog for 20 minutes! I've been soooo busy! Let me tell you all the things that have been happening around here since the last time posted anything.

I am done with lambing! Today I had my last lamb of the season. I am all done. This year I had 17 ewes that were going to lamb. All of them were pregnant exsept one. I have 15 ewe lambs and 9 ram lambs. all together I have 32 ewes. That's a lot! They are eatting a lot of hay and drinking a lot of water!

As much as I wish I could keep all of my sheep, I'm afraid I can't. We just can't keep all of them forever! I'm going to have to cull some. Mom and dad said that I need to keep my flock down to around 25 ewes. So I am going to have to call 7 ewes and the 9 ram lambs this year. I am going to try to sell some of them. I already know a few people who would like to buy some. And the remaining sheep that I can't sell we will eat. I never get sad when we have to eat them though. We give our animals the best life possible and when we have to eat them we do it in a nice way that doesn't hurt them.

To those out there who are new to my blog and who don't know about Jacob sheep, I will say more about them.

Jacob sheep can have 2, 4 or even 6 horns! They are black and white spoted and are very easy to take care of. Because of all the horns that they have on there head they some times will run out of room and they will get split eye lids. (This only happens with the ones that have 4 horns or 6.) They're horns can curve all around and some times grown into the head. Some times their horns can break off. I have a sheep who just broke off a horn yesturday. Often when their horns break off they will sometimes grow back. But if they do grow back it may be in a crooked way. Jacob sheep are a great sheep for people just starting out. They are a very hardy breed that can lamb on there own with little or no help. They do not need a lot of shots like other breeds. In the few years that I have had them I have never had to give them one shot. They also have a lot of wool. This wool is more valued by hand spiners. Because their wool is black and white it is rare to hand spinners. If you ever want to buy some of these Jacob sheep, I have a lot to sell and will gladly sell them. Next year I will have so many of them I won't know what to do! The freezer can only hold so much!

Let me list the traits that are desireable and the traits that are not desireable in my Jacob sheep.

Desireable: Horns that are not fuzed. Fuzed horns are horns that are stuck together and may grow into the head. I have some Jacob sheep that have fuzed horns. If a sheep has fuzed horns that trait will pass on to its off spring. Jacob sheep need to have black eye and nose patches on the face. Some of my sheep only have the eye patchs and others have both the eye and nose patchs. It is not commen for them to only have the nose patch. Some times they will only have one eye patch. ( I will post pictures of this) Jacob sheep also need to have nice colering. They look like they are white with black spots but really they are black with white spots. If a sheep as 60% black and 40% white, this is good coloring. (No two sheep are alike. Even the twins look different.)

Not Desireable: Fuzed horns that curve into the face. Split eye lids caused by horns that are not strait on the head. Many of my sheep have strait horns that have symmetry with each other. Missing eye and nose patchs on a Jacob sheep are not what a true Jacob sheep looks like. this trait also will follow to there off spring. I am going to call the ones that are missing these patches. Jacob sheep are not suppose to be one color. They are suppose to be black and white spotted. A Jacob sheep being one color is rare. I have a Jacob sheep that is 100% white. I am going to have to get ride of her. I was going to get rid of her but then she lambed! Her lambs looked like real Jacob sheep should look like! But still I am going to have to get rid of them. The white gene is in there blood. I think the reason the that she is white is because we must of inbreeded. When you breed a sheep to its half brother or a second cousin, things like this may happen.

I am sorry If I keep going on and on and on. I just really love my Jacob sheep. Anyway. This year I have had a really good year for lambing.I have had all my ewes lamb but one. I have had more ewes then rams and more twin births then singles. None of the lambs have died this year and they are all healthy! A really good thing about my jacob sheep is that they are able to lamb on their own with no problems. This year I didn't have to help my sheep with their lambing. I think Jacob sheep are a great breed of sheep for people who don't know anything about sheep. I had a lambing year that other sheep people dream about! If you ever want to get some of these really cool sheep, talk to me first.

All the rest of the animals here are doing well. Nothing as really been happening with them. My moms cow did calf. But other then that they are fine and doing well. I am going to end this post with lots of pictures of all my Jacob sheep. I hope you liked this post! I can't wait until next year!

This is my little brother Josiah holding a lamb. I hope you liked this post! I will try to update my blog more often. My birthday is next week. I am going up to my grandpa's house for a week so I might not by able to blog until I get back. I get to Join Facebook and Twitter when I come back. You can follow me if you like. Until then. I will see you later! Wish us luck!
Timber Creek Kid.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


We just got baby goats at the mess around ranch. I thought I should post some pictures of them. I am sorry I haven't posted anything for a long time. Everytime something cool happens around here my mom will quickly go and post it on Facebook and Twitter. All the people who know about my blog know that my mom is on Facebook. Next month I will be 13 and then I can have a Facebook and Twitter. Anyway, we are almost done with the sheep lambing. I only have three left. I have to make this a short post cause I have a lot of school work to do. I will post again later today and put out more pictures of my sheep. Here are some pictures of the new baby goats. My brother is very happy!
We have two sets of goat twins. I can't tell them apart! My brother can. He's the goat guy and I'm the sheep guy. I will have better pictures later.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I don't have a title.

All has been going well at the Mess Around Ranch since my last post.I have had two more sheep lamb.

Yesturday my brother Josiah's sheep had two twin girls. He is very happy. Each year I give my brothers there own sheep for helping me so much. We still have a lot of more sheep to lamb. There are ten lambs on the ground right now. I have had three sets of twins. (Twins are very common in Jacob sheep) All together I have had seven sheep that lambed so far. I do not have a picture of Josiah's new lamb yet. But I do have a picture of the new lamb we got this morning.

So cute! We just got him today. But I don't know if its a girl or a boy yet. I haven't even put them in a lambing pen yet. I can't catch the lamb! He won't let me get near him! He just starts to run around the hey feeder that we have in the pen. You put the new mothers and there lambs in the lambing pen for a few days so that they can get used to each other. I might not have to put this one in. I have seen it suck five times. Its up and about and doing fine. I have a lot of sheep!

This weekend is going to be busy. (Like most weekends are) Today Lilli has a 4-H clover work shop at 1:00. I don't know when it ends though. Dad's at the docter right now getting a check up. I don't know when he will be back. Tomorrow Me and Josiah have a 4-H work shop. We are going to be learning about editing pictures and stuff. I'm not quite sure what we will be doing. It should be fun. I like taking pictures, so it should be fun. All the pictures of the sheep that are on my blog were taken by me.

So far we have gotten are history done. History is our favorite thing to do! We all do it together in the family room. We do a lot of things as a family. My birth day is coming up in less then a month! I will be 13 years old. All the wonderful things I will be able to do when I'm 13. I will be able to join Facebook and Twitter and dad said he would take me to a Rodney Atkins consert. Speaking of dad, he just got back.

I'm sorry. Everybody is running around all over the place. When I blog, It sometimes takes me 30 minutes or more. I know how to spell and type. I just need the time to think. Sometimes I can't even hear my own thoughts.

I guess I should go. Mom prouble wants me to do more school work. Dad said something about running to town sometime and getting something I know nothing about. I'm going to go find out what he needs to get and why he has to drag me into it. See ya.

Monday, March 8, 2010

New lamb!

Guess what! Josiah just went out side a saw that a sheep lambed! It was one of my sheep. She had one lamb that is a cute little baby boy. This is this sheeps first time lambing. I really don't have anymore to say. I said everything I had to say in the post I made 30 minutes ago. So I will just put some pictures out. Here are three.
So Cute!

Mess Around Ranch Updates.

This is just a post to update all the animals with words and cute pictures.

My sheep have been doing very well. Since my last post, we haven't had any new lambs. But we should have some more soon. They all look so close to lambing. You can tell when they are close to lambing when there udders start to fill up. They will also start to act diffrent. They may go away from the rest of the flock or not eat when the others do. Its so cool to wake up in the morning and go out side a see a new baby lamb on the ground.

I remember the very first lamb I ever had. I was going out to do chores early in the morning just like I always do. I walked by to check on the sheep and there was a cute little white lamb on the ground. It was so cute! And very strange. Jacob sheep are black and white and can have 2,4,6 and sometimes 8 horns! But they are not suppose to be only one complete color. I named her cupcake cause she was white like a cupcake. This was two years ago. I still have her today. She is going to lamb soon. She wasn't suppose to lamb at all! Because of her being all white, the white gene could pass on to all her babies Then I all I would have would be white sheep. But she broke out of the pen and got in with a ram. We will most likely eat her lamb. Even if the lamb was black and white like a real Jacob sheep, she would still have the white gene. Here are some more pictures of my sheep. I can't wait for more lambs!

The sheep aren't the only ones who will be having babies this spring. My little brother Josiah has goats! They haven't had any babies yet, but hopfully they will have them soon! We are going to milk them for a few months. Are milking cow is taking a rest until she has her calf. Until then we will milk the goats. Josiah has to milking goats and one Piggmy goat. The Piggmy goat is the goat that got us into all of this. First a goat them a pig them sheep then bunnys and more goats! Here is a picture. Can't wait for them to kid. By the way, a baby goat is called a kid.

Elijah's pigs are doing great! Elijah is so happy! He named his pigs Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli. (From the lord of the rings movie) The baby pigs are still about the same size and are getting nicer. I think Elijah will do a great job at the fair this year. I just wanted to put some quick picturers out there of them. Just so you could remember how cute they are.

I wish it was spring! So do the ducks. We all have our own breed of ducks. My breed of ducks are Khaki Campbells. They are brown ducks who are great egg layers. The ducks are fine as always. I'm just putting out a picture.

The puppys are doing great! They are getting so big now! Its hard to pick them up! Its just so much fun to go out in the mornings to let them out and play with them. They will be waiting by the gate wagging there tails and jumping up on the fence. You open the door and then there gone. Every dog loves to run! The other two dogs we have love to play with them. They always are having races around the house. Its a lot of fun to watch. Maybe I should show one of them this year at the fair. I should ask dad about that. Each year dad helps out with the dog show at the fair. Maybe he will know something about it. Anyway. Here's some pictures of them. This post is full of pictures!

Sorry. It was really hard to get a good picture! They just kept moving!

Today mom orderd baby chicks in the mail. They will get here March 22. We already have a lot of chickens, but we need a few more extra roosters for fair time. I will have something to post about then. Hopfully I will be done lambing by then. Its just one thing after the other here at the mess around ranch. To end this post, here is a picture of one of my chickens and my turkey Tom. Thanks for reading this post!

I forgot to say how the bunnys were doing! I will just say they are fine and put this picture out. I am going to check on the sheep. Thanks again for reading this post!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sheep lambs

My sheep are lambing. We are just getting started. So far I have had four sheep that have had lambs. I have six lambs on the ground. My sheep are the kind of sheep that can have twins. I just wanted to post some pictures of them out to keep my blog updated. I still have 14 more to lamb. Each year my flock gets bigger! I have a feeling that there will be more lambs on the ground tomorrow. We are going to run out of pens! When a new lamb is born you put it in its own small pen with the mother away from the flock for a few days. Dad keeps thinking they are all going to lamb at once. But I don't think that is going to happen. I will put more pictures out as soon as I get more lambs. They are so cute!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Going To Kansas City at 4:30 in the moring.

I have to be quick. Its 4:30 in the morning and I am going with dad and my two younger brothers.
I will have to post when I get back here's that video.

See you when I get back. I am so tired!
I just wanted to post something quick and all.
I will post more when I get back. Bye.

Monday, March 1, 2010

First Lamb of the Year

Yesturday we got our first lamb of the year!

It was a nice warm Sunday at the Mess Around Ranch. We were able to sleep in because we went to church the night before. Josiah ( My little brother ) wakes up early every morning to go check on the sheep. And every time he comes back I will wake up and ask if any of the sheep lambed. Always he says no. But yesurday was diffrent. Josiah comes in yelling that his sheep lambed. Everybody jumps out of bed and runs outside to see the lamb. The first year I got my sheep I gave Josiah and Elijah there very own sheep for helping me take care of them. So Josiah and Elijah have there own small flock that grows a little each year. Josiah's sheep was the first sheep to lamb this year. He is very pleased. He had one girl lamb. It is very common for Jacob sheep to have twins and triplets. But Josiah only had one. But that's Ok. He still has another sheep to lamb. They all look so close to lambing, I'm worred they are all going to lamb at once! That would be bad because we would run out of places to put them. It would be nice if we just got one or two a day until they are all done. But I don't think that will happen. I can't wait for my sheep to lamb. Josiah got lucky having his lamb be the first one this year. That's a big thing around here. If one lambs then that is a sign that soon more will be coming.

Valley View is coming up and I don't want to miss that! Last week we didn't go because the roads were to bad. Now they aren't great but are able to drive on. Here's a picture of Josiah's sheep. It's so cute! I will put more pictures out when we get more lambs. Wish us luck!

The Three Little Pigs.

Last Friday we went to West Point Nebraska to get Elijah is very own three little pigs. Elijah already had a pig named Wilbur. But last week we got rid of Wilbur and Elijah was very sad that he didn't have a pig. So dad said he would get him a new pig. He got three. Three baby pigs all to his own! Elijah is very happy! His Pigs are Herford hogs. They are called that because they look a lot like a Herford cow. My dad has a Herford bull that I have to take care. I looked at the pigs then I looked at the bull and I think they really do look a lot alike. I think Elijah is going to show them at the fair this year. This is his first year in real 4-H and he likes it! But after that dad says we are going to have to eat the pigs. We asked Elijah if he would be sad. He won't be too sad because after we eat them we will have to get him more pigs!

Everybody on the mess around ranch as there own species of animals. For me its sheep, for Josiah its goats, and for Elijah its pigs! If we ever have another baby what is he going to want? Maybe he's going to want llamas! But most likely we won't have another baby. Its just thought. But if we did...

Pretty soon we will be going to Valley View. We go there once a month and show them what we've been doing in school or 4-H. This time we are going to say some poems for them. It should be fun. After we tell them our poems they give us ice cream or cookies. I'm going to go work on my poem some more so I don't mess up.

Here's a picture of Elijah's pigs. They are so cute!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Funny youtube video.

This is a funny video. I'm sorry I haven't posted anything in a while. I will post a big post tomorrow. But we just got back from church and I needed to put something out quick. I don't have the video but I have a link. If you click on it I swear you won't regreat it! Me, and my brothers and mom are all laughing out loud. Don't worry. Its OK for all ages. My mom says so. I will post something else tomorrow. Here's the link!

Have a good laugh!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Busted, with Garaffes and Elephants.

It happens to everyone! Your keeping a deep dark secret that you don't want anyone to know about and then bam! Somebody knows about it. I wasin't keeping a deep dark secret that I didn't want anyone to know about. I was just keeping a secret that I didn't want mom to know about.

We all keep secrets right? Of course we do! Everybody has there own little secrets that they keep to themselfs or share with a friend. It could be buying a soda with out asking your parents or breaking a lamp and hiding it under the bed hoping nobody will see it. Me, Josiah and Elijah all love playing poker. We're boys, Its in our nature! For the past couple weeks we have been having late night poker games. Last night we we're going in to our club house in our room to play when mom came in and busted us. Now, the reason that we didn't want mom to know was because we were playing with real money. Now, come on, were brothers! We don't like to cheat each other. We only play with pennys and nickles. Maybe I dime every now and then, when you have a good hand and you really think you are going to win. We don't always play poker in the middle of the night. We like to play in the day time when we can. But its hard when you have sibblings who like to be there with you. Sibblings that want to play like there big brothers! But now that we're busted we won't be playing any more poker in the middle of the night, or with money. Money just makes the game more interesting! what's the point if there's no reward in winning. And we never lose that much. Most of the time we give everybody's money back. But mom doesn't like it non the less.

Our animals are daring! They want to make the most of life, be daring, live live on the edge! For example, our chickens, they love to ride my dad's bull all around the pen!

This morning I get up, get dressed, and get ready to go do chores. The side door was iced shut and wouldn't open, so we had to use the other door. ( Mom hates it when we use this door. ) But we had no other choise. Anyway, we go out side to do chores and there I see, in the bull pen, at least 6 chickens riding the bull. They we're on his back as he was standing up and moving around! Now chickens are born being great at balancing. They have really good grip in there feet.

When people hear the words: They get along like cats and dogs! They think, they must not get along very well! Not at the Mess Around Ranch! Our animals get along like Peanut butter and honey! They dogs will go over to the hay and take a nap, and then the cats will come to join them! They cats will get right up the our dog Marry and lie down right on her! And Marry will just lay there and do nothing.

We have so many animals here at the Mess Around Ranch. But why do we have so many animals? Where did they all come from? What started it? The answer, is Josiah's piggmy goat.

For over 2 years my little brother wanted to get a goat. Mom and dad didn't really know anything about goats and they thought that Josiah would change his mind and not want goats. They were wrong. Josiah waited 2 years learning about goats and asking mom and dad when he was going to get a goat. This was before we had sheep or the pig or bunnys or turkeys or even ducks! All we had was one milk cow and a few chickens. They day we got Marry goat is a day I will never forget! After that Elijah wanted a animal of his own. His own species. He wanted a pig, and he got his wish! Then I wanted to get a species of my own! Sheep. I waited a long time. I didn't just want any kind of sheep, I wanted a special kind of  breed of sheep. After looking for a long time I came down to two breeds of sheep. Of the two I chose Jacob sheep. But the closest sheep for sale was all the way out on the west coast! I could see it was going to be a long time until I would get my sheep. But them one day we found a someone who was selling all her Jacob sheep for cheap! They were only about 4 hours away. I talked to mom and dad. ( Mainly dad cause he has the money. ) And they said yes! So we all went up to get the sheep.

I have had my Jacob sheep for two years! In one month they will lamb. After I got my sheep then we got bunnys for Matthas and Lilli. And then we got more and more cows. And then just last year dad came across three milking cows for a great price! As you can see, this really is the one and only Mess Around Ranch. It all started with a boy and a little piggmy goat. Who knows what will come next?! Will it will be next? Will it be Giraffes, or Elephants?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Past weeks up date.

I lot has happend in this past week here at the mess around ranch.

Last week dad took us swiming again. The whole family went swiming. I am a pretty good swimer. I will go out all the way to 7 foot and jump in. I can float on my back, tread water, and pick up rings at the bottom. The one thing that I hate about swiming is when you first get in the pool. Its so cold at first! Some of the time we will just hop in with out a second though. We get in and start shouting how cold it is! I think swiming is a very fun sport. I also think that everybody should take the time to learn how to swim. You never know when you might have to get wet. If you know how to float, you should be Ok.

Every family has to make decisions right? They have to decide how much they want to pay on the gas bill each month. They have to decide if they are going to get that car loan or not, and they need to decide which road to take to work!

My dad got up this morning at 4:30 to go to work like he always does. He gets ready to go to work and tells mom good bye. And as he walks out the door. He fails to hear her say which roads not to take. My dad got stuck in the for 2:30 hours this morning because he didn't hear mom. Us Spagnottis like to take short cuts if possible, especially dad. He wanted to take the quickist roads to get to work. I don't really see why he would want to get to work so bad. He says he would rather stay home then go to work. But quick isn't always best. Anyway, he got stuck in the ditch for a long time and had to have to plow come and get him back. He's always telling us that he never eats the ditch. I guess that he isn't always right. No ones always right dad! Dad was able to get out of the ditch and was able to get to work. But he was late.

If you want to get a puppy you will need to give it lots of care. But if your going to get two puppys, you better know what your getting your selfs into! For about 3 weeks we have had two new animals on the farm. Our S.B puppys Susan and Lucy. If you saw my first post on them you saw the cute picture of them. They have been doing well on the farm, but they keep getting out of there pen! We keep them by the duck pen so they can get to know the ducks. But they won't stay in the pen. We let them out to play when we are doing chores and let them run around and play have fun. I don't know why they keep getting out. I few nights age we didn't put them away until late, we went out and we couldn't find them. We looked all over the place but didn't see the puppys. Then we looked in there kennel and there they were. So we shut the door and wired it up and then they started crying. You know, the sound puppys make when they get sad or scared. They were in there sleeping with the kennel door open, and then we close it and they get all sad. I guess just knowing that they could walk out and be free was a nice feeling for them. Its not nice to be traped in a kennel. We let them run a lot and give them lots of love and care everyday. They also get along great with our other two dogs, Marry and Abby. Its so much fun to watch them play.

I have to go and work on school work. School work has been going well for me. History is my favorte thing to do. I like having my parents for teachers. I'm not quite done with todays school yet, I still have to do history. I better go and do that now.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

another cold sleepless day.

So far today I have hurt my finger and stubbed my toe. I have gotten bit in the but twice by the goats. And its freezing cold out!

It seems that its the same thing every day! You never know what's going to happen at the mess around ranch! Everyday its something diffrent. Today I was woke up by Josiah, Elijah and Mattias. Elijah had my alarm clock. Mattais had a shaker at my head and Josiah kept yelling at my head to wake up! the day before the day before that Josiah spooked me and I fell out of bed! Two nights ago when I was trying to sleep I couldn't cause mom was playing music down stairs! I have very good ears when it comes to music. She was playing a Rascal Flatts CD. I could make out every word in the songs. Last night has been the worst night yet! Josiah and Elijah kept snoring so loud! Elijah would snore and then take a break. Has he was taking his break Josiah would snore. Then Elijah. I know this because I went up to there face to check if they were pulling my leg. They were really asleep! I think I am the only one on the farm that doesn't get good sleep! I need my sleep. If you don't have you health then you don't have nothing! Oh well. What are you going to do about it? Nothing. I just am used to living with it.

Dad gets home tonight. I bet we will be in bed before he gets back. But that doesn't mean we will be asleep! Last time he came home late and we were in bed we all went down stairs to see him. We wish dad could work closer to home and be home all the time. He says it maybe a while until he can quite his job. Or get fired. I think he will get fired before he quites! Dad got a electric guitar for his birth day. This week I hope we get a chance to play together. Dad's busy a lot. He has to feed his cows and work and tractors or other things. He's thinking about buying some more cows. That would be fine with me. The thing I love most about dad's cows are when they calf. But that won't be for a while.

We had to milk again today. The thing I love about milking is what I get in reward. I don't mind milking now and then. But me and Josiah have about taken over all the milking! We have just switched to milking every other day. So the day after tomorrow I will most likely have to milk. I'm going to end this post and go play with my sibblings. I think they need me. They do need me. Moms working on the computer and needs us to be some where else. OK mom.

Monday, February 8, 2010


Last week we all went to Omaha to the Henry Doorly Zoo. We got to stay over night on a fancy hotel with a in door swiming pool. The beds were great! And the view was nice! I always like to give the hotels I stay in a rating. I would give this a 4 star rating. Only for stars because the pool was closed! They didn't even tell us. We were all mad and sad. Lilli was in tears. Dad went up to the front desk and talked with the manger. They said they could take down the road to another pool but dad said no. Instead we dad took us to the family fun center. I think we had more fun there then we would of had swiming. We got back to the hotel very late at night. We left mom and the two little ones there. We didn't get to bed until so late! But that doesn't mean we went to sleep! We had to share a room with Lilli and Mattias. Lilli kept talking and talking and talking! But lucky for us we had are secret tool. We had out mp3 players all the way up! I didn't get to sleep until 12:30. And if that was bad I had to wake up very early to go to the zoo. Me and mom had some 4-H zoo training. The rest of the family went to the zoo but they had to come home early and do all my chores! But they didn't do a good job. The hose was on the puppys were out The bull didn't have any water. But other then that they did fine.

All the animals are doing just fine. In less then a month we will have baby sheep and goats on the ground. That will be great! I love taking care of all the animals on the farm. The only thing that I could live with out is not taking care of the dad's bull. He has it up at the house all the time now and I have to take care of it. He drinks a lot of water! I guess I don't mind but he's up here 10 months out out of the year! Summer is a great time to take care of the chores but in the cold hard winter all the animals water jugs freeze and then you have to take it out and fight with it. That's the big pain with animals if you ever want to get them. It will be the middle of june and you will want something to do so you will get some sort of animal say, a donkey. Its easy in the summer but then when the first winter snow comes it gets harder to take care of it.

Well, I have to go. Guess who has to milk again today. That's right! Me. I don't mind that much because when we milk we get the reward of playing pirate game on the computer. So its worth it. I need to blog more often then I do. bye.

Friday, January 29, 2010

No Band With.

I am so sorry that I haven't posted anything in a long time! My family has almost run out of Band With. I am sure I spelled that wrong. I haven't been able to get on the computer for 3 days! I wonder how the cave men made it with out computers. I don't need to use the computers everyday or even every week. Its just nice to go look up something or check my email. So know that I am on the computer let me tell you all that as been going on around here.

Mess Around Ranch. That is what the name of our farm is and for good reason too! We just got two St. Bernard puppys! Not one but two! What is the matter with us! We were only going to get one but one puppy leads to another. The one was so sad to leave the other. So now we have four dogs on our farm. Can you belive it? When dad told mom that we got two she didn't belive him! At first she thought it was a joke. They are so cute! You got to love a St. Bernard!

Today me and my brother Josiah went with dad to town to go get parts for the deck. A few years back we went to Taekwondo and came home to see that the roof came in! Dad is fixing it right now! In town we got to buy some cool multi tools. I think we will use them a lot. 

Elijah just came in and he says he has had all he can take with Josiah's goats! I have had all I can take too! They are still out roaming free! They got out of the goat pen when we got all the snow. They were able to just climb over the gate! In one month they will have goat babys! We will also have sheep! That's the cool thing about my sheep at lambing time. They can have twins and triplets! We will have a lot! We will have to get rid of quite a few of them I bet. I have a number of sheep that I can keep. I will pass the line. We will eat them or sell them. Or trade them. My ram died a while back. I haven't found a new one yet. There are good things about my sheep and there are some really bad thing about my sheep. One of the really bad things about my sheep is when they stick there head through the fence is their horns get their heads stuck and they can't get out! I lost a sheep that way. She had a big crooked horn and she stuck it in the fence, triped and couldn't get back up. Some of them can't get their heads stuck because of their horns.

Its time to do chores and stuff. Me and Josiah have been milking the cow for the last five days, mom has been feeling sick. So we have been helping her out. I am going to end this post with a pitcure of the puppys. By the way, the puppys names are Lucy and Susan. Here they are! They are so cute!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


We just got back from church. We don't really go to Saturday night church a lot. But since we dad won't be here tomorrow morning we all went as a family. I alter served again. I didn't mean to but nobody eles was there. I like alter serving.. It makes the mass go fast! I also will like not having to wake up early tomorrow to go to church. I will be able to sleep in. But I have to milk to cow. It's Josiah's cow but sometimes he gets a break. I hope he enjoys his break!

I am good at my guitar now. Its like I wake up and bam! I am good. I can play a few songs... A lot of songs! All by ear. No book! I wish dad would get his guitar out and play with me. I know he is busy and all, but it would be nice to have 20 minutes or so. If not, that's fine. Its just fun to spend some father son time. Dad took us bowling yesturday and we had a blast! I haven't been bowling in a long time! I got the first strike of the night! But the one thing that was a little annoying, a lot annoying was this little kid that was there. The bowling place was owned by a family business that had a little two year old who kept coming over to our table and drinking out drinks and eating our food! That food was not cheap! They need to control her a little better or they won't have such good business. We had fun. Which is a good thing.

I think I know what I want for my birth day. An iPod. I woke up this morning feeling like there wasn't a thing in the world I didn't want or need. Its all uncle Quints fault. We were talking on Skype and he showed off his really cool iPod. It had everything! I want one just like it! I can't wait for my birth day. Then I can get a iPod, and a Facebook. Really I just want my mom and dad to let me buy a iPod with my own money.

I got to go and find something that I guess I lost. I think this is a long enough post. I hope so. It beats having to do a writing page of school work. Also I am tired and I want to play a little more guitar before bed. Talk to you all later! Good night!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sorry, moms computer broke.

I am so sorry that I haven't posted in a long time! My moms computer broke down and she has been using the netbook. I haven't gotten the chance to get online. I am not sure why moms computer broke. Mom thinks that it is because of this game we have been playing. I don't think so. Dad has been able to start the computer but sadly, all of the pictures and old emails on the computer are gone. Dad was able to fix it. He worked on it for many hours. Luckly dad has a job that has him working on computers so he kind of knew what he was doing. 9 out of 10 dads would of gave and and never of fixed it. But not my dad! He kept trying until he got it right!

Later dad is taking us bowling! He was going to do that when mom was in South Dakota with the little ones but mom didn't go because the weather was too bad. Dad is taking us anyway. Hopfully we will be able to sneak away with out the little ones seeing us. I think we are going soon so I should go get ready. We have some other stuff to do in town. We are going to stop and get Pirates Of The word I can't spell. Pirates Of The Caribbean. I had my cousin spell it for me. I am so into the computer game that I want to see the movie. So does everybody eles. I got to go and get it. I also have some books I need to turn in. We don't really rent movies but this is one of those times and one of those movies. Time to go! Bye. I hope I will be able to blog more and not be gone so long. Bye.

Monday, January 18, 2010


Well, I am back from my trip and I had a lot of fun! Josiah and Elijah were able to do all my chores! I am having a moment or two from mom to blog and check my email and stuff.

Later today we are going to town to get my little brother Matthais a big boy bed. He wants to be just like is big brothers! He wants to sleep in a big boy bed! He even wants to go out and do chores with us! He is very funny! He also likes Keith Urban just like me! I will let him use my MP3 player.

Last night we went to the new Subway they have in Fullerton. It was ok I guess. I had a foot long. But they didn't put very much food on it. There was more bread then anything! They must have orders from there boss not to put to much on. Oh well. It was ok. Subway is a good place to eat at!

This week end mom is leaving to go see grandpa and is leaving us with dad! Dad is going to take us swiming or bowling or maybe ice skating! Dad likes to take us places. I still need to find somebody to go to the movies with me. I got three. Maybe dad will take me.

I think I should go find out when we are going to town. I just hope we get back before dark! I hate doing chores in the dark! That is how the black bunnys keep getting out! We can't see anything! I also think I have more school to do. Dad is switching his work days this week. So he is only home for two days! Then he will be gone again. I wish his job was closer! Oh well. I need to go Google something. My time is almost up.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Week end field trip is here.

Today I get to go away from home for the night and most of Saturday with my friend. I think I will have fun. I will be back late Saturday night so I will not be able to blog until then. My friend isn't Catholic like me, which is fine. But I will miss Josiah serve for the first time. And then I will have to go to church Sunday. My CCD teacher is giving us movie tickets if we never miss church this year. I already have three! I am in high school CCD this year. This year I have a guy teaching my class. I think he is a better teacher then anyone else that ever taught me.

Josiah and Elijah will have to do all my chores when I'm gone. I think they can do it. I will only be gone for one night which is no big deal. Last year I went up to my grandma and grandpa's house for about a week! They were able to do it then. But I have a lot more animals then I did then!

 I am just blogging now so I don't have to worry about it later. I just woke up and I have to do chores and eat. I will let you know how it was. I leave at 4:00. Then I have to help watch his siblings. His parents are going to a party. After that we go for a short ride to sleep over at a Pastor's house. Then we go to the park Saturday. It is going to be a long drive there and then back. I will let you know how it was when I get back.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I'm free! My three day sentence is over! I got in trouble a few days back and I lost computer games for 3 days witch is not so bad. It is not bad at all! I just started playing on pirates online. I like the game a lot! Mom is liking this because I have been waking up really early in the morning and doing all my chorses and getting all my school work done so that we can play. The game is so hard! Ever key on the key board means something! Me, and my two brothers have to share some of the keys! We work togerher to play the game. I am not that much of a gamer though. I would much rather play outside with the animals!

Soon we will have baby sheep and baby goats! I am happy for them! They will lamb and kid in March! I will post lots of pictures! The weather has been really nice for them!

Sorry! My little brother needs me and mom is out milking! I have to go! I am in charge of the little ones when mom is out milking. So sorry.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Up coming week end.

This week end I am going on a small trip with one of my friends in Ceder Rapids. I will be gone from home over night and all day saturday. That means I will be able to miss some of the chores! We are going to some camping park by lincoin NE.We are going to Mahoney park. I think it will be fun. Today dad is going to build a work bench in our room. I share a room with two of my younger brothers. Josiah and Elijah. We all have our own twin beds. We also have a TV in our room! But we don't really use it that much. I am sad to say that this morning one of our bunnys got out again. This time it was Sheperd. The black rabbits are so hard to see in the dark! The last rabbit that got out I posted about. It was also black. But we found her alive. This one wasin't so lucky. The black rabbits are so hard to see in the dark! We will have to look more carfully next time. But I won't let there be a next time! I think we might run to town later today. I am not yet sure though. Things around here can change really quickly! We need to get some more rabbit food. We just ran out this morning. It is really starting to get warm again. Yesterday dad rode the horse. He says he will do it again today. I think I might want to ride too! Yesterday we cleaned above the microwave. It has been months sence the last time we cleaned it out! It is fun because of all the cool things you can find! Josiah and Elijah found a two radios and a mp3 player! I can not even start to list all the stuff we found. So I won't. I will just say we found a lot of cool stuff! Last night we were in our room. Instead of sleeping we were listening to our mp3 players! But we didn't listen to long. Today I have CCD again! It has been so long! Today Josiah is going to learn to be a alter server. He serves this saturday! Well, dad is back in the house and I think we are going to build out bench! We were going to do it months before but it didn't happen. I am going to go help him out. I also have to watch the door so that the little ones don't go into our room. Our lock broke. But I made a new one out of a screw, a 9 volt battery some black tape, some string, and a hair pin! The brothers think that we have a better lock then before! Dad is ready! Got to go. Hope you liked reading this post!

Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm sorry that I made this post so slopy! I would fix it if I had the time.

I will be a slop. Went to see the nice old people today. The buiding flooded. Didn't know what to talk about. They couldn't hear us so what is the point? Lost all computer games. Had to eat the same food for lunch that I had for dinner last night. I am a bad speller we all know. I have to think of something to post or I will have to do writing in school work. I don't know what to post that is Ok. I am out of videos. Mom just turned on her music God help me! Well, I guess this is a post. I don't know. The sheep are the same. Can't wait for them to lamb. When I post this out mom will go and see it and say I did a slopy job or I didn't spell very well. Sorry mom. I don't know what to post about. Nothing happens in winter! In the summer time my blog would be so full! Oh well. I think this is a post. It isin't a very good one. I lost my computer games cause of two words. You stink. I wrote them down on a block. I didn't get to finish! Lilli took it from me and showed it to mom! That is how it happend! I didn't finish! I don't think anyone will belive me but I will say it. I was going to say, You stink Noah, take a shower! Honest! Mom is going to read this. I don't know what she will say. She won't belive me anyway. Sorry I was a slop. Sorry that I can't spell! Sorry. And so ends the day of No Title. Good bye. I really do need a shower! The old people are so nice and I wish that their home didn't flood! They couldn't hear us because of all the fans they had on trying to dry the place! I showed them some of my sheep wool. I will post some pictures tomorow as a follow up on this post. They are on mom's computer. Sorry I was a slop. Good night. At least I have my MP3 player. I don't know if I like my guitar or my mp3 player better. Oh well. I need to go play guitar. I haven't played yet today! Dad likes it when I play it. Got to go. Bye.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Pain hurts! We all know what pain is. Today I have been hurt. Sleding I almost broke my neck because Josiah's friend pushed me over the edge where I didn't want to go. He didn't want to go down it too! I hurt my self with a pen and steped on a sharp thing! Little siblings like to leave things around for you to step on! How do they know were I will step? My siblings are so spoiled! Right now they are playing PS2 at this time of night! They have been playing a lot today! I haven't played for a hour! Josiah's friend didn't leave untill dark so we were doing out side work in the dark! This morning I fell out of bed and hit my poor head on my alarm clock. Josiah's friend made a big mess at the pump out side when he was getting a drink and I tripped over it. That really hurt! I don't mean to complane, but it hurts! When I first started this post I was in tears! Dad comes home to night. I don't know if mom will let us stay up or not, I bet so. But if she does let us stay up till dad gets home then she will send us to bed. Tomorrow is a busy day. A lot more will happen tomorrow so I will be able to post more. Like I said, pain hurts! Like when you stub your toe the heater that somebody forgot to put back! Now that really hurts! I will go now and try to keep living. I think dad is back! Yes. Bye and good night! Comment on pain please! Let me know how you feel.


I'm the kind of guy who dosen't like to be dirty or sit next to a dirty person. I mean like germs and sickness spreading everywhere! When people don't wash there hands or they lick their hands when making food! I just hate it! And then they go touch something like the computer keys when they didn't wash and then I go to touch the computers key and then you are sick! Or when you sneeze and you don't cover it and then its a mess everywhere! In fact I have my own bath room in the house. Its in the bassment and nobody wants to use it because they are scared of it. Sometimes dad will use it and that is OK. And when you go somewhere and find three month old food and you stick it in your mouth! (Matthais) Germs are everywhere! That is why I take lots of vitamin C and work out and eat food that is home made. Since I am a farm boy I face germs everyday like everyone eles. But my body as to face this everyday with taking care of the animals. If I fall in a cow pie and do not go in to wash for a while my body gets so used to it that it builds up a immune to it and I don't get sick next time that happens. This is some of the great things about being a farm boy. At one time mom thought we had a smaller case of the Swine Flue. We were able to deal with it like any other sickness. I don't know why I am so worried about germs. I guess I am just bored and waiting for mom to get of her computer. Some things I can do on my netbook somethings I can't. Bye